Local Music Blog - 16th May 2013

Hey there folks,

sorry missed out on blog last week, hey sometimes you just get too busy!

Wed 24th April 2013

Hi Folks,

What a great weekend just passed for music and whoa! what a few weeks we have coming for great live music and events around Donegal and the North West.

Local Music Blog 17 April 2013

Well, Ive gotten a great response from the first blog on local music and goings on so I'm gonna keep at it for the meantime. To be honest there is nothing really going on in the press or on social media sites talking about the DOnegal music scene so this is a first (not the first to be done let me add, just the only current and active one from what I can see!)

New Local Music Blog

hey all of you out there who likes to go see some live music...

Ive decided to do a regular Blog from my site here with some ramblings about whats happening, what been going on and generally the craic with local gigs around the North West areas and details of new music and releases that are coming out here in good old Donegal land and surrounds.

LYIT RAG Week - First Trips Gig of 2013

First Trips gig of 2013 will be part of the LYIT Rag Week Events. Monday 4th Feb at Swilly Inn, 9pm. its free entry and gonna be rockin....

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